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Teaming up with MYT we captured a handful of our sessions from the Electronic Sound Summit:2021 - Updated Weekly - Here you can access to all of the sessions 

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A.I.M Presents: Future Independents: What Emerging Artists Need To Think About

It can be difficult for artists to find their way when starting out on the independent journey. Once you've produced the music, how do you choose your release partner and when do you start building your team? How do you grow your fanbase and promote yourself in an authentic way? There are funding opportunities out there for artists at any stage of their career but how do you make them work for you? Hear from experts across the spectrum on how to set yourself up for success.

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ESS:2021 x MYT presents NTIA UK Panel - Value, Recognition & Voice in Dance Music

Businesses and individuals within the Electronic Music Industry have suffered massively over the last 18 months. Businesses are open now and we need to start rebuilding, and work towards future proofing our industry. One of the biggest challenges we have faced during the pandemic is getting the Government within Westminster and the devolved nations to understand our industry. 

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ESS:2021 x MYT presents Jaguar: In Conversation 

In recent years Jaguar has been one of the key drivers behind underground dance music with her work at BBC Dance Introducing, giving up and coming artist the support and platform to showcase what they can do! 

Hear her story and what she has planned for the future!

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ESS:2021 x MYT presents 101: Stepping into Music Management

One of the most pivotal roles within an Artist's team is a Manager. Yet becoming a successful Manager can be just as challenging to break into as becoming an Artist. So what are the essential steps taken and what are the qualities required to benefit an artist's career?

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