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RELEASE // Lucas Frota & Blakkat Deliver Brazilian Inspired 'Alone' EP On Circus Recordings

Yousef’s Circus Recordings is now one of the world's most respected and consistent imprints, reflecting his colourful take on house & techno. Lucas Frota and Blakkat now join a string of producers such as Carl Cox, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Green Velvet who have also released on the imprint, within the last 12 months.

21-year-old Brazilian born; LA-based DJ/Producer Lucas Frota has been a talent on the rise since his first DJ gig as a 12-year-old, in his native Rio de Janeiro. Since then he has toured across the world, alongside delivering remixes for industry heavyweights such as Armand Van Helden and launching his own label, DEC records. As a platform with a reputation for supporting globally recognised artists alongside rising talent, they welcome Lucas Frota to make his debut on Circus Recordings with his 4 track EP ‘Alone’, featuring esteemed producer Blakkat.

UK born-LA based, Blakkat has moved through the music industry applying his golden touch to many surfaces, from life with major labels as an original member of multi-platinum selling Mercury Prize winning, M People to mixing in the underground, showcasing his ability to add his own unique style to classically influenced modern house music. Collaborating throughout his career with artists such as Marshall Jefferson, Josh Wink, New Order & many more.

With Lucas bolstering his position as a rising star, and Blakkat’s vast experience, we wanted to get behind the production and how the mechanics worked between the two artists. With L.A. having no shortage of outdoor parties, palm trees, and sunshine, it’s clear to see how this has influenced their sound selection, giving a natural direction for the project from the outset.

"The biggest influence on the track is the context in which we would play it"

It’s clear from the opening bars of the single that this is an incredibly well polished track, and while their joint talent accounts for a sizable amount of that, they have some serious tools in their kit. Using an array of well-crafted compressors, from UAD’s Voice of God driving the kick and The Shadow Hill compressor taking care of the Mixbus, to adding parallel drums touched by Neve’s 88RS, they’ve made sure the core elements are well under control. Leaving room to add depth in other parts of the track. iZotope’s Ozone imager takes care of a lot of the stereo placement with the Lexicon 244, 480L, and Oceanway Rooms reverbs giving the track it’s space.

"We think it’s important to capture the spirit of performance and use as little quantize as possible"

What gives this set of tracks their unique groove is down to live performance approach, tweaking of EQs, filters, and delays, the Sub Phatty Bassline is a one-take live pass with all adjustments going down in the recording. Vocally they wanted to make something very intimate that connects deeply. Recorded in just two takes, the lead vocals, and loosely added background vocals see a touch of surgical tuning from the iZotope RX7, and then given the Nectar treatment, which paired with Soundtoys’ EchoBoy gives the vocal it’s depth and presence in the mix. With the creative use of space, they want the listener to get lost in the different layers of sound and have the groove loosen you up and keep you dancing.

Blakkat knew Circus was the right place to take care of the EP and give it the solid support it deserves and knows full well that they are capable of helping develop Lucas as an artist. They’ve had their eye on Lucas for the past year or two, so when various mixes of Alone were sent to Yousef back in June, he immediately hit back with “I’ll have it for Circus!”

"I have been close with Yousef for many years, we have collaborated lots of times, I have total respect for him, and trust him, both Lucas and I love the label!"

Lucas Frota ‘Alone’ feat. Blakkat is out now and available on all major platforms via Circus Recordings.


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